Service Appointment

Use this option to book an appointment for any service/repair needs you may have, please describe issues for us.

Oil Change

Book an Oil Change- Prices vary by car type/model, oil quantity etc. Starts at $140

Free Safety Check

Free vehicle safety check for your vehicle (does not apply to pre-purchase inspections). No diagnostics included, this is a visual safely check only.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Through vehicle inspection with fault code reading, road test and written list of needed repairs to give you peace of mind and bargaining power during a vehicle purchase! Know what your buying into with this critical service!

$229 Cooling System Flush/Wiper Blades/Drain Check Winterize Package

We flush your cooling system with new coolant, check water pump, radiator, hoses and thermostat for leaks and set your tire pressures. We replace wiper blades and check drains for leaves/debris.